July 2000
I.S. Robotics, Somerville, Ma.  
Smoke and Fume problems in R & D Lab. DUALDRAW TB3048 with
side mounted 3000 CFM Filter System exhausted to outside.


September 2000
Evans Industries,   Topsfield Ma.
Sanding Aluminum Sheet and Parts using a DUALDRAW TB3096 (Eight Foot)
Booth connected to a 4500 CFM Wet Dust Collector.

East Coast Welding and Fabrication, Newburyport, Ma.
Sanding and Polishing Aluminum Parts using a DUALDRAW BG3048-AL Table
in compliance with NFPA 651.

May 2001       
Comdel Inc.   Gloucester, Ma.   
Soldering and grinding coper heat sinks using DUALDRAW BG3048 with
HEPA Filter and DUALDRAW BG3048 Dust Collection.

July 2001     
Chesterton Corp.  Groveland, Ma.
Table top unit with a Baldor grinder mounted inside using a DUALDRAW TT500
and a Stand Alone Filter System SAF-1200

October 2002    
Metal Spinners, Inc. Malden, Ma.
DUADRAW BG3048-AL and BG3060-AL Downdraft Tables for Hazardous
Aluminum Dust.

February 2005       
Hannah Engineering Danvers, Ma.
DUALDRAW BG3036 Downdraft Table to collect Polishing rouge

November 2005
Central Welding fume Exhaust Sytem  



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