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We Correct YOUR Problems with:

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                Total Clean Technologies was formed in 1985 to help commercial and
                industrial manufacturers correct harmful indoor air quality problems. Protecting
                your workers from airborne hazards reduces sick time, keeps OSHA in
                check, reduces insurance liability and creates a higher level of morale among
                your work force.  Here are some ways we help you to improve your I.A.Q.

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    For Employee Health Protection-Meet OSHA Regs.

        Click on the picture for additional

        downdraft information.




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       Explosive dusts can be collected safely cat.jpg (18667 bytes)
       to comply with
    NFPA Code #651

       A wet dust collection system may be the right answer for you.


        Click on the picture of our CAT System to find the answer!



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       Welding button.gif (986 bytes)  Soldering button.gif (986 bytes)  Cutting  button.gif (986 bytes)  Adhesives   button.gif (986 bytes)   Chemicals


        When the job is a tough one, the flexibility offered by Source

       Capture is the answer!



button.gif (986 bytes)Table-Top Down draft Stations

       For lighter Applications                     Very flexible                   Easy to use and easy to move

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Email us with any questions:  Email Total Clean

Please call us for answers to YOUR specific indoor air quality issues.

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Tal Cleotan Technologies, 17 Hobart St.  Suite 2, Danvers, MA  01923

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